Best Distraction Free Writing Tools for Bloggers (Web Based)

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When it comes to writing tools for bloggers one thing is key, and that is creating a distraction free writing environment where you can focus and perform at your best.

Easier said than done, right? The mere thought of distraction free writing online seems like a contradiction. Before I came across this web based writing app, I was convinced that distraction free writing was not achievable online (it’s hard enough to achieve offline where you don’t have widgets jumping up and down constantly trying to grab a piece of your attention).

Personally, I’ve always relied on writing software (and by that I mean MS Office, Open Office and any word processor of choice). But the software itself is not the key to focus, being offline is. Or was.  Until I found this great tool I’m about to share with you.

Now, I still consider the old trusty word processors as part of my set of writing tools for bloggers and content creators, simply because they enable you to write without being online, which helps minimize distraction.

Of course, you have to be disciplined enough to at least turn off your email app and shut down your browser. But word processors themselves are great environments where you can write with minimal distractions (unless you get distracted by the icons in the toolbar).

Then I came across this nifty web based tool and I had to try it. And I have to admit, I think it’s better at creating a distraction free writing environment than a word processor, and the crazy thing is that it’s web based, as well as free.

As a blogger, this should have you salivating. Or at the very least itching with curiosity to try it out.

The cool thing about this tool being web based of course is that you can use it regardless of whether you write on a mac, on windows or on linux. So we all win.

When it Comes to Web Based Writing Tools for Bloggers who need to Focus, This Free Tool is a Winner

The app is called Zen Pen and I’m thoroughly impressed with it. I do believe that the developers have achieved the almost mythical distraction free writing tool with this app.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, in this case, I think the coolness of the features of this free app can only be fully conveyed through video. So please do watch the video at the top of this page as I walk through each of the features and you can actually see how the app helps you focus by removing or eliminating distractions when you write.

I’d go as far as saying this is the best blog writing app tool I’ve experienced so far.

Some of the reasons for this include the fact that:

  • it’s small
  • it’s minimalistic
  • it’s intuitive
  • it just works

This is a perfect writing tool for bloggers as well as content creators, but seriously, anyone who wants to write just about anything can use this app.

3 Cool Features of This Free Writing Tool and How it Helps You Achieve Focus When You Type

The Done for You Word Counter

One very cool feature is the ability to set the word count. Particularly handy for bloggers and freelancers who need to hit a word target, this tool enables the writer to just type and focus on the words without trying to visually gauge the word count as they write, which in itself is a distraction.

The developers were so thoughtful about this feature (as well as the others) that they even added a visual coloured bar out in the far right of the screen that raises toward the top as you near the word count, to stop you from wondering where about you are in your word count as you type.

The Screen Background Colour Setter: Bright and Dark

This is another great feature. So simple, but so effective. I actually prefer to set the screen to black and the text to white. Whacky I know, but that works for me.

You can experiment with both settings to help you find your Zen (hah, see what I did there?) and you can switch between both options with a simple toggle style switch (icon).

The Full Screen Setting

If you find the sides of your screen and the top bar a distraction, you can make the page on the web app full screen to fill your entire screen. If anything distracts you then, you’re probably beyond help.

Seriously though, the features have been so thoughtfully designed that it really makes you want to stand up and clap.

Moving You Work from the Writing Tool to Your Blog is Easy

When it comes to moving your work, things are straightforward. You have the ability to save your work and export it as raw text or even as HTLM (handy if you have hyperlinks in your writing).

Then you can simply copy and paste the text into your blog or your website, or even a document if you’re neither a blogger nor a content creator.

I love the fact that they seem to have chosen only the bare minimum of features but made them so effective for focused writing.

The features are represented by icons in the top left, and just to make this web app perfect, the icons disappear when you start writing. They appear again only when you hover your mouse cursor over the area, making this minimalistic toolset an on-demand feature set.

Stunningly well done, to say the least.

If you have to write anything, I recommend that you give this tool a try. You’ll love it. Try it at least just to experience that distraction-free environment because it is actually quite refreshing, especially when you’re used to being bombarded with advertisements, information and noise.

This tool can actually reduce stress if you ask me.

For me, this is one of the essential writing tools for bloggers and content creators.



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