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"nothing to sell you / ONE thing to tell you"

The biggest thing you can leverage as an online solopreneur is software tools. You cannot scale without automation (or creating clones of yourself). We need software to streamline our content creation process, to design better, to publish, promote, and sell our information.

There's plenty of free software, but...

The reality is you cannot build an online empire for free. The 'Free Plan' is a way to lower the barrier of entry to a subscription service. It limits the functionality of the tool. It does not scale. To earn a living online you need good systems in place, and those come at a monthly cost.

The new one-time cost model...

Subscriptions to the tools you need are the cost of doing business. That's not the same thing as an expense, my accountant tells me, but it feels the same. It's money out of the bank.

Luckily for us, the SAAS (software as a service) marketplace is super competitive these days and developers are now often willing to give lifetime access to their tools for a one-time cost in order to gain traction in the market.

And this is where I come in...

I review SAAS tools for people using the web to change their lives. Every type of tool, from email autoresponders to SEO tools to invoicing tools and more.

Tool developers often reach out to me to feature them on my channel, and that usually means I can leverage a decent discount. Also, when a tool drops in the market offering lifetime access, I'm all over it. If it's good, I share it with my blog subscribers.

And this is you come in...

I'd like you to join me on my journey so I can be a part of yours. I'm not selling anything, but I'm sharing valuable tools that can make a massive difference to your success online. Why? To build an audience. Why? I don't have it all planned out yet, but I like the model: content creators get paid by advertisers, not by the audience they build.

If you 'walk', I'll still be here testing and sharing the best tools I can find. If you decide to join me, who knows, you could end up in my upcoming podcast promoting your 'thing', and we could even end up doing something together.

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