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Hoz creates content and reviews tools for people using the web to change their lives.

He’s the author of Perfect Solopreneur and the WriterZen SEO instructor. For more info, check out the WriterZen Review by Hoz.

He's a keen watcher of all things SEO, productivity and Ai. Check out the Chat GPT Review by Hoz.

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WriterZen Academy
WriterZen Academy - SEO fundamentals for success | Product Hunt


Ecommerce, SEO, WordPress, Social Media
Brinder Bhamra
Adobe Commerce Senior Solutions Consultant - EMEA, Formerly Design Advisor UK, Volusion
Vikas Verma
Senior UX designer at Shelter
Ryan Bowen
Sports Scientist at FC Malaga City
Mohamed Nofal
Snr Commerce Enterprise Sales Account Manager, UK & I, form. Snr Internaltional Sales Manager @ Volusion
Vikas Chopra
Sr Strategic Customer Success Manager - Adobe


This webinar was a collab between WriterZen and Aument, discussing the essentials to market your business in 2023.

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