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Rich Warwick

This was a wonderfully concise yet informative and entertaining video. the exact opposite of TikTok. Good job. Subscribed instantly.

scott y

@They Call Me Hoz its a rare talent, social media is so full of people giving us 5 min of info in 15min, you give us 5 min of info in 5min, as simple as that sounds its super hard to find. You're a natural and great presenter!

Karamjeet Singh

You're just an incredible mentor. I really love the way you explain things, they just seep into my head very easily.



Why are you not at 1M sub's? This is fun and quality content! Please keep it up!. Your videos are so good!!

Eduardo Vasquez

Thanks and congrats on your channel, great work !



I enjoyed your pacing and style. No frills, informative and fun. I became an instant follower. Thank you for your effort.

Steve_ ZA

Consuming information can be a tedious job. Your dry humour and approach made me laff. Well done :)

Gabe Pinto

thank you so much brother havent finished the vid but had to drop this for the knowledge

The Mystical Christ
with Michael Maciel

Amazing. Best overview I've seen.


Good job. Keep it up. The first 100 videos are the toughest. You managed it in 90. First class. Love it.

Renata Baptista

Thank you so much!!!!!!!! You saved me, really!!

Queef Storm

You have a great personality for YouTube



F-in fantastic


Russ Beard

Wham, Bam, thank you dude! Good use of FF to keep up pace, good flow of unique ideas. Best way to inspiration is through examples... and you gave 30 of em' in 13 min... this was an efficient use of time!


Lovely tutorial Hoz, no fluff, get's straight to the meat..thanks :-)


J Biggs

What a great find. Thank you!

Akshay P

You sold this better than anyone out in youtube!



Mr. Hoz! You are awesome! I really really really really enjoy your videos. You did a fantastic job in summarizing the new workflow.

Erik Bolinder

You are the coolest among the AItubers. Keep it up! 100K is within reach!

Dimensions And
Beyond, Rebooted

I already hit the 'Like' by list item 3... brilliant work here, nice one.


Matthew Hooper

I've been watching your videos, it's a great watch. I get valuable information and I get a laugh. Cool channel. This AI stuff is blowing my mind.


Ernesto Ramirez

Another impressed fan and new subscriber here! This channel has the perfect combination of useful content and humor


Thanks for bringing humor to AI news! Loving it!



You have changed my life!

Fernando Doldan

Liked, subscribed, & hit the little bell for “all“ notifications. You have to respect the man that fast forwards his own video to give you more knowledge in a more compressed timeframe. Amazing..

Jim Nech

Hoz, I like your videos, useful information without a lot of fluff. I always watch your videos because I know I will not have to spend an hour to get informaion that could be condensed to a few minuites.

Jeremy Shirk

Dude, keep these coming!! Expanding my ChatGPT prompt arsenal every day!!!


Trina Johnson

Thanks , your amazing.

michael cavallaro

@They Call Me Hoz thank you so much...your video are awesome


Sailor Jerry

I smell a hit!


Great info Thanks I am on it!!!! Thanks I am your new subscriber Amen brother.


this ROCK MY GUY! Thanks

Jesse A Atienza

Wow!! with your presentation and two the way you present! Thanks for sharing!

Mark Finney

Inspiring, fascinating and terrifying! Great video, like your style.

LeeAnne Munro

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for putting this together, feel like a pro now!


Wonderful attitude and tone. Thanks

t k

Amazing explantion!!!

Dave Lennon-Copelan

Outstanding video, Clear, concise and informative.


Manish Kumar

Awesome Explanation...this is easily one of the best SaaS walkthroughs I have come across....just subscribed your channel....keep them coming.


E K.

I really appreciate how you teach! Simple and straight to the point! Good job. many likes!


I love your reviews.

Marcos Ruvalcaba

Dude! You knocked it out of the park!

Maryam Mohammad

This review is SO AMAZINGLY DONE!!!! wow! i'm a newbie and I was so impressed by how you explain things and your video editing is flawless.



Absolutely outstanding! Clear, concise, complete. This video got a "Like," and your channel just got another subscriber. Many thanks for this extremely useful playlist

Authentic Expressions

I love how you presented this review!

Gordon Drew

Great vids mate and presentation is really snappy! Thumbs up from me!!

Samurai Black

I’m learning so much from your channel.

Jeremy Bristol

You're such a strategic thinker! Love the perspective! Keep it up!


Finally, someone who knows how to pace his content for Youtube. Would everyone please look at how this man gives you no more than you need, doesn't waste your time, has a firm plan and structure for his video BEFORE he starts recording, has prepared material and graphics... this is a pure joy. Well done. This video gets the MEDIA MENTOR Award of the Month.

Mike Lucido

Fast efficient and to the point.. YOU ARE THERE. Great presentation, for sure !



Excellent! Can't decide if your videos are more informative, or more humorous.... THANK YOU!!


Matthew Hooper

Woke up. Made a coffee then turned on this vid. Entertainment!!! +


Allthe Flavors

This was a wonderfully concise yet informative and entertaining video. the exact opposite of TikTok. Good job. Subscribed instantly.


Fast efficient and to the point.. YOU ARE THERE. Great presentation, for sure !


Marcus VIII

Great video. I was afraid of a clickbait video, but you truly delivered beyond my expectation.


Jose Peixoto

Great video with your good HI showing us the upcoming amazing AI; thanks --- subscribed for more.


OI Mighty

This is absolute value.

Kidney Kayaker

You consistently provide the most concise and innovative tips on ChatGPT. Good avatar too.


Thank you so much for this incredible series! You covered everything I could've asked for and more.

Drifting Sky Music

Great video. Love your teaching style. Keep up the good work.


Wow your a life saver

alireza erzählt

Thank you very much. Perfekt tutorial. Best regards from Berlin Germany

Random Infinity A.I Prompt

Amazing tutorial


You just saved me like 3 hours or more


Serpil Kasım

you saved my life. Thxx


Kevin Hill

Hit the like button and subscribe. The best information.



Absolutely amazing review!!!! Keep it coming, please.

Angela Mulderink

awesome explanation!! You made it fun to follow through and you gave all the special details. Thank you so much!


Delson Moo

Just a quarter through your video and I know you're the one I'll follow. Like, Subscribe and Comment. Great presentation. Love it

S Lawrence

This is an awesome video with some very cool outside-the-box ideas. The way it presented the information was genius. Very informative, enjoyable, and easy to watch all the way through. Kudos!

Brother... you are a master at making these videos. I'm a huge fan, and now a new subscriber.

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